Travel Log

22nd Day of Tarsahk

  • Saved Selwyn and Meegan Anderil (as well as Fip and Ob)
  • Helped defend Dellmon Ranch from a hoard of orcs.

21st Day of Tarsahk

  • Checked in with Harburk about Believers investigation.
  • Investigated skull with black arrow pinning it to a tree.

20th Day of Tarsahk

  • Talked to Albaeri Mellikho of Mellikho Stoneworks.
  • Investigated Lance Rock
  • Killed everything in the cave near Lance Rock, including skeletons, zombies, animated hands and feet, and a crazed necromancer.
  • Rested along the Long Road after hearing about tremors in Red Larch from two aarakocra.
  • Rescued two children and a woman from a sinkhole in the middle of Red Larch.
  • Killed everything in the Tomb of the Moving Stones, including some giant rats, Grund the simple half-orc, a bunch of Bringers of Woe, and Larrakh the earth priest.
  • Discovered a conspiracy led by many elders of Red Larch calling themselves the Believers, and informed Constable Harberk about what they found.

19th Day of Tarsahk

  • Investigated Savra Belabranta’s old room at the Swinging Sword Inn
  • Investigated the old tomb southeast of Red Larch, where the party fought a goblin and his half-ogre companion, a ghost warrior, and a flying sword.

18th Day of Tarsahk

  • Arrived in Red Larch and met with party newcomer Ginnifer
  • Visited the constable (Harburk), the Zhentarim contact (Mangobarl Lorren), Kaylessa at the Swinging Sword Inn, and Haeleeya’s Bathhouse. Gathered rumors about town.
  • Found and killed bandits that have been terrorizing the area.
  • Ginnifer and Helka visited the bathhouse again and talked to “Mother” Yalantha Dreen and Minthra Mhandyvver.

Travel Log

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